Diamond DA20

DA20: The Perfect Aircraft for Private Flights

Sporty, elegant, and exciting.




20,1 l/h | 5.3 US gal/h

Max. (with auxiliary tank)

2 Seats

Consumption at 75% (on both engines)

265 kg | 584 lbs

Maximum speed (14,000 feet, MCP)

240 km/h / 130 Kts

Useful load

973 km / 525 nm

Graceful layouts and sporty looks. With a canopy reminiscent of a fighter plane, offering easy cabin access, smooth and precise compatible flight controls, comfortable seats with 4-point inertial seat belts, the DA20 is the dream of any student pilot, or pilot-in-training, or pilot who wants to enjoy a smooth and safe flight.

About DA20

Imagine taking your favorite sports car and adding wings. That's the feeling you get aboard the two-seat DA20. Stylish, easy to maintain, and used worldwide by leading flight schools, the DA20 is the right choice for those who want a low operating cost, technologically up-to-date, and extremely safe aircraft. As a result, it has become the standard aircraft for the U.S. Air Force Academy, and is required by flight schools around the world for its robustness, performance and economy, both in basic and intermediate flight instruction, due to its GARMIN G500TXi panel.
Due to its certification by the Aeronautical Authorities, American FAA ("Federal Aviation Administration") and Canadian TCCA ("Transport Canada Civil Aviation"), the DA20 is able to perform night flights under VFR conditions ("Visual Flight Rules"), as well as to be used for stall recovery training. In Brazil, the Diamond DA20 is part of the fleet of the renowned Aeroclube de São Paulo for the instruction of its students. Surprisingly affordable, it offers exceptional performance, with impressive durability and economy. Due to its reliability it can be used both by early stage pilots and in more challenging environments, as it ensures all the necessary safety.

Protection for its occupants!

Always thinking about the pilots' safety, Diamond uses high safety standards in its models, aiming to reduce as much as possible any physical damage to its occupants. The Diamond DA20 uses a monocoque fuselage made of lightweight and strong carbon fiber composite material, providing maximum durability, aerodynamics, performance and superior protection for its occupants.
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Engine and Propulsion

The engine installation is designed for durability and easy maintenance with front and rear deflectors, crack-proof composites, rugged stainless steel exhaust, easy access to filters and regular maintenance items, and quickly removable cowlings. The DA20 comes equipped with the fuel-injected 125-hp Continental Motors IO-240 (DA20-C1 aircraft).
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G500TXI Avionics

GARMIN G500TXi avionics of latest generation, using panel with "glass cockpit" concept, which allows any pilot (student, intermediate or advanced) the correct migration between the traditional "analog" to the advanced "digital" including "synthetic vision".

Room and comfort

The aircraft's cockpit is one of the most comfortable in this model class, thanks to ergonomically designed seats with leather or sheepskin surface options. It has a four-point seat belt and a professional instrument panel with top-quality equipment and materials. Its generous payload and ample fuel capacity make the model a favorite of flight school instructors, students, and operators. In continuous production for over 20 years, the DA20 has already earned the respect of important names in world aviation.

Aerodynamic and rugged

A robust landing gear, with an elastomer-type support on the trailing edge, prepared to withstand rough landings, typical of basic instruction, equipped with aerodynamic fairings that improve performance with fuel economy. With a fuel consumption of 20.1 l/h, payload of 265 kg, speed of 130 kt, service ceiling of 13,100 ft, stall speed of 45 kt and a range of about 973 km, the DA20 is unique in its category.
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DA20 Autonomy Map

Diamond takes you further.

Testimonial about the Diamond DA20

"I flew in a DA20 for three hours in San Juan on a beautiful summer evening, sunset over the mountains and water. Playing with my little sports car in the sky was great."

Jeremy Wilson - Private Owner



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