Diamond DA42 MPP


A powerful, secure, and cost-effective mission solution.


Jet A1


24.2 lt/hr | 6.4 USGal/hr (on both engines)


2 seats


634 kg / 1.398 lbs


317 km/h TAS | 171 kts TAS


1.292 km / 1.974 km | 698 nm / 1.065 nm

The desire for more performance, higher payload, more range and endurance, unrestricted certification and all-weather capability led Diamond to develop the DA42-MPP, the multi-mission platform.

DA42-MPP, ready for any eventuality

With its line of cost-effective and efficient fixed-wing aircraft, Diamond Aircraft has taken remote sensing to the next level. The DA42-MPP has proven to be the perfect complement to traditional police helicopter platforms and can add substantial capability at a fraction of the operating costs of traditional platforms: up to 12 hours of uninterrupted missions. The aircraft is specially designed to carry multifunctional airborne sensors such as EO / IR cameras for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, ground and maritime radars, COMINT solutions, airborne laser scanners or large format digital aerial cameras. The mission kits can be mounted on specific hardpoints located on the nose and belly of the aircraft, as well as in the cabin and nose baggage compartments.

The DA42-MPP features a long list of unique capabilities that you would not have thought possible with an aircraft of this class.

Aviation Safety

Active safety features, such as the Garmin™ ESP electronic stability system, help prevent accidents, while passive safety features are designed to minimize the likelihood of occupant injury, with safety cell-formed fuselage, unobstructed head zones and highly protected fuel systems.

The construction pattern of the Diamond DA42-MPP uses the monocoque fuselage made of lightweight, ultra-strong carbon fiber composite material. The cabin is designed to ensure a panoramic view for the occupants and Formula One-based technology such as a survival cell capable of withstanding up to 26G impact. In this way, the DA42-MPP's sleek structure offers maximum durability, aerodynamics, high performance, and superior protection for its occupants.

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The right solution for your mission

Diamond Aircraft offers a variety of turnkey solutions for various types of missions, from surveillance to geo-survey and HD TV missions.

In addition, Diamond is an OEM that supports the development and certification of custom configurations to meet each customer's specific requirements.

No matter what your mission, Diamond offers unique solutions for structural and aerodynamic modifications, system integration, testing and certification to create platforms that gather and transmit the data you need. Today, more than 100 systems are operating worldwide, providing intelligence and security.


Austro engine and propulsion.

The Austro Engine AE300 engines propulsion of the DA42-MPP is one of Diamond Aircraft's greatest prides. They are two liter, turbo-charged, direct fuel injection piston engines that accept jet fuel (Jet A-1, Jet A, TS-1, RT, No. 3 Jet Fuel, JP- 8).

With 170HP and electronic control system (EECU), it allows operation by a single control stick.

The DA42-MPP uses MT-Propeller's 3-bladed, constant-speed composite propellers that feature advanced geometry for efficient, smooth, low-noise performance.

Control of the engines and propellers is extremely simple with the electronic single lever control system, which makes operation easier, more convenient, and safer, allowing the pilot to focus on other important flight functions. Compared to aircraft with conventional gasoline engines, a Diamond Aircraft emits much less CO2 and consumes up to 60% less fuel than its competitors.

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The DA42-MPP has proven to be the perfect complement to police helicopter platforms, adding agility and operational versatility at greatly reduced costs compared to traditional transports. It is the only remotely sensed aircraft capable of performing missions up to 12 hours uninterrupted, consuming only 24.2 liters (6.4 US gal/hour) of JET-A1 in the two engines.

In addition, the Austro Engine engines have their Time Between Overhalls (TBO) with 1,800 flight hours. Service is always performed at the Austro Engine factory and the engine is replaced with a new one, to provide maximum safety and decrease aircraft ground time due to engine maintenance.


Exceptional Features

With our line of cost-effective and efficient, remotely sensed fixed-wing aircraft, the DA42-MPP offers exceptional features such as low operating costs and minimal downtime, lower fuel consumption, durability, overnight on-site maintenance for engines and fuselage, worldwide support and service center network, unlimited life for all composite components, low noise level, and infrared features (matte gray or surveillance paint on bottom, exhaust system on top) makes it virtually undetectable.

Austro Engine's powerful jet-fuel engines guarantee worldwide fuel availability and operation, except for 'Hot and High' performance, lower fuel consumption due to a direct fuel injection system with state-of-the-art engine management (EECU)

Next generation safety features and technology involve all-weather day and night capability (certified ice protection), Garmin G1000 'Synthetic Vision' feature, commercial aircraft standard, fully integrated GFC700 autopilot that reduces workload, pilot fatigue, EASA / FAA single pilot certificate.

The aircraft also offers damage tolerant structure such as 26g crash test, 10g flight tolerance, fuel protection system, positive climb rate in MTOM with one engine inoperative, advanced composite technologies developed by Diamond Aircraft, high strength to weight ratio design.



With state-of-the-art avionics (commercial aircraft standard), the DA42-MPP comes equipped with the Garmin G1000 NXi platform and large cockpit, providing full visibility of the flight situation. It has a fully integrated GFC700 autopilot, radar system and matte gray paint, which increases the flight discretion. Matte gray finish, which further reduces the aircraft's visibility in flight.

Simplicity in maintenance

The Diamond DA42-MPP maintenance is more simplified and occurs only every 100 hours, which provides greater economy and, mainly, availability for the operator to enjoy longer periods to use the aircraft in their operations. Besides that, Austro Engine engines have their Time Between Overhauls (TBO) at 1,800 flight hours.

The service is always done at Austro Engine factory and the engine is replaced by a new one, offering maximum safety, besides decreasing aircraft ground time due to engine maintenance.

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BANNER 2 DA42.png

Autonomy of up to 12 hours of uninterrupted missions

Testimonial about the Diamond DA42-MPP

"After receiving such fantastic feedback on this aircraft, we recognized that we needed to immediately purchase our first MPP DA42 to stay ahead of demand. In fact, there is no other certified aircraft that offers so much capability at such a low purchase and operating cost"

Dr. Loren Poulsen PhD - DA42 MPP GUARDIAN Operator, Montana



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