Diamond Differentials


Intense Focus on Safety

- Safest piston aircraft with the lowest fatality and injury rates in its category (only 1/6 of the general aviation average rate);
- Diamond is the only piston aircraft manufacturer in the world that performs Crash Test on the entire fuselage cabin (has aircraft proven to withstand up to 26G impact);
- Aircraft cabin surrounding composite “roll cage” structure (survival-cell) based on Formula 1 technology;
- Austro Engine liquid-cooled engines, removing the need to control temperature during fast descents;
- Investment in active and passive safety features.
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Technology and Innovation

- Diamond's aircraft incorporate ultra modern avionics (Garmin G1000NXI) in their models;
- DA42-VI and DA62 have the option of de-icing system and weather radar, ensuring that the aircraft operates in any weather conditions;
- Diamond manufactures its own Austro Engines using the Mercedes-Benz platform, already having over 1,500 units in operation and 2 million flight hours worldwide.
- The paints used in the aircraft were specially formulated to help dissipate heat and static electricity during flight.

Designed for better flying experience

- FADEC electronic power control system with a single handle control that eliminates the use of propeller pitch and mixture handles;
- Austro Engine engines are quieter and have lower vibrations;
- Diamond twin-engine aircraft have excellent performance in single engine operation, maintaining flight safety even with a one engine;
- Aircraft with panoramic vision and excellent visibility;
- Aircraft with the largest wingspan in its class;
- Agile but tolerant flight characteristics.

Incredible custom design

- Luxurious, ergonomic cabins with maximized space, designed to ensure comfortable access for all occupants.
- Diamond offers several exterior color options and the possibility to have a fully customized paint with the layout of your choice;
- Diamond Aircraft models have a variety of optional features;
- Several coatings for the interior of the aircraft with premium finishing materials.

Economy allied to sustainability

- Aircraft models that consume around 60% less fuel than the competition;
- Aircraft that use JET-A1 fuel, which has a lower cost than AvGas;
- Diamond Aircraft maintenance frequency is only every 100 hours;
- Austro Engine engines have a TBO with 1800h with a lower cost than conventional engines;
- Austro Engine engines have significantly lower emissions than other engines.


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