About Diamond Aircraft

About Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft is an aircraft manufacturer founded in 1981 and recognized worldwide for the safety of its piston-powered aircraft. The company is the world leader in its category with the lowest accident rates according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Headquartered in Austria, Diamond also has high-tech manufacturing facilities located in Canada and China, plus licensed third-party facilities to support their respective markets. The company is a pioneer in the implementation of important innovations for the aviation industry and has commercialized more than 5,500 aircraft globally, always focusing on safety through innovation, intelligent design, advanced avionics systems and extremely rigorous tests.

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Diamond Aircraft Facilities

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH – HQ – Austria

Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. – Canada

Diamond China – Dashiju Town – China

Austro Engine – Austria

At present, Diamond offers a complete line of piston-engine aircraft, all certified in Brazil by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency). The models range from the simple 2-seat DA20 to the impressive 7-seat twin-engine DA62. The company is also active in the special mission market, with the turn key remote sensing solutions (DA42 MPP and DA62 MPP and the DART, a tandem seat aerobatic turboprop training aircraft (in the certification process).

All Diamond Aircraft are extremely safe, economical, have low fuel consumption and excellent performance, making the company stand firm and strong in these more than 40 years of operation, with a commitment to innovate and offer the most modern and technological for aviation.


Diamond Aircraft Safety

Recognized worldwide for the best safety ratings per flight hour, Diamond Aircraft is committed to ensuring safety through exceptional design. The company's primary goal is to build aircraft that are extremely safe for all occupants and a pleasure to fly, providing maximum protection even in the case of an accident.

Diamond has a vertically integrated system of operations and high-level internal procedures for quality control. All work is done in-house, from design to prototyping, tooling and composite material production to the manufacturing of the fuselage, metal components, electrical harnesses, instrument panels, systems and assembly.

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